P2P Trading Platforms (e.g., Bisq, HodlHodl, LocalCoinSwap, etc.)

There are a number of person-to-person (P2P) over-the-counter (OTC) trading platforms where Bitcoins can be bought and/or sold — with cash (💵), or online using a bank account or other payment method.

P2P OTC Exchange

[Last updated: 27 March 2022]

[TODO: Add a couple entries from https://cryptoage.com/en/2742-list-of-crypto-exchanges-with-p2p-exchange-of-bitcoin,-ethereum,-usdt-and-other-cryptocurrencies.html ]

Altcoin-only P2P Trading exchanges

Note: An Altcoin-only exchange means bitcoin is not one of the trading currencies. There may be offers though where Bitcoin is one of the payment methods available though.

Aggregator/Search and Helper Sites

Note: When using any of the above P2P Trading Platforms (which are essentially “matchmaking” services), please trade with caution and do your own due diligence.

This list does not include exchanges not in English (e.g., 58Coin), deserted or defunct marketplaces (e.g., OpenBazaar, BuyCrypto.Today, Cancoin, and Rahakott), not-yet launched (e.g., OTCBoss), ones that operate only through dark markets, or online-only DEX/decentralized exchanges (another list of DEXes).

Also, there are a number of variants that don’t fit the P2P OTC exchanges category:

Otherwise, there are a number of other exchanges — with varying attributes. We recommend trying to stick with [NO KYC] exchanges, including most of the ones listed on: KYCNot.me.

See Also

Categories of P2P OTC

Even within the P2P OTC Exchanges category there are sub-categories: (Credit goes to Dave F of OTCBoss for describing the different categories and attributes.)

KYC’d OTC — P2P marketplaces (website, w/ escrow)

Impure OTC — P2P marketplaces (website, w/ escrow)

DEX/Decentralized P2P Exchanges (no website, mostly crypto-to-crypto)

  • Bisq (buy/sell bitcoin using fiat or altcoin/token)

Pure OTC — Global P2P network of brokers (no website)

  • OTCBoss (Technically P2P, but initially will be just B2B/Broker-to-broker)

Protect Your Privacy

One reason some people prefer to use a P2P OTC marketplace to buy and sell Bitcoin using cash (in-person/face-to-face) is to protect their privacy. But that’s just part of the solution. The following provide more information on how to protect your privacy when using Bitcoin:

Additions, corrections, and other feedback welcome and can be submitted as an issue or pull request on GitHub, or via e-mail.




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