Exchanges with support for bitcoin Lightning network ⚡ payments

Exchanges where you can buy and/or sell bitcoin using Lightning network

P2P Trading Platforms with support for Lightning network

  • Paxful (💵, ) ←Announcement [Allows deposits and withdrawals using Lightning Network]
  • RoboSats (💵, only) [NO KYC]← Non-custodial. Requires Tor browser. Guide [Note: Trade chat is not saved. To protect yourself as buyer, use additional method to verify payment instructions before sending fiat payment.]
  • HodlHodl (💵, ) [NO KYC] ← Not available in the U.S. [Lightning network is implemented simply as a payment method allowed for buying or selling bitcoin, as is Liquid network (🌊)]
  • Additional P2P Trading Platforms might not explicitly allow bitcoin on Lightning network as a payment method, but might have an “Other” payment method that is a catchall in which the details of the payment method are located in the details of the trade offer.

Crypto-to-crypto methods

  • For buying or selling bitcoin on HodlHodl, BTC is supported as the base currency and Lighting network as the payment method.
  • Paxful permits you to convert from either USDT or ETH to BTC, and then you can withdraw that BTC on Lightining network . And vice-versa, deposit BTC on LN and then convert to ETH or USDT.

Precious Metals

Trading / Investment

  • Loft () ← Invest inStocks using Lightning network
  • LNMarkets () ← Not available from the U.S.
  • Kollider () ← Register for early access
  • BitMEX Research does operate a Lighting Network () node, however the BitMEX trading platform does not yet support LN deposits or withdrawals

Debit Cards Funded Using Lightning Network

Retail and e-Commerce Payments


Lightning Network Wallets





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