Freelancing platforms which pay in Bitcoin

5 min readMar 29, 2019

[Last updated 31 January 2023]

Freelancing platforms which pay in Bitcoin, and other ways to earn bitcoin.

Microtasks What is a microtask?

Traditional Freelancing platforms get paid in Bitcoin using Bitwage

Nearly all the above methods can use Bitwage and get paid in Bitcoin. This works because BitWage provides each freelancer a U.S. bank account for use in direct deposit of earnings. See also the “Wages-To-Bitcoin” section below for additional methods. These are very useful to anyone who is outside the U.S.

Freelancer payments

Getting Paid In Bitcoin (Wages-to-Bitcoin / Bitcoin Payroll)

Content Creation / Publishing

Crowdfunding / Tipping

Gaming (earn by playing, also referred to as Play-To-Earn / P2E)

There’s the old adage — if you aren’t paying for a product, you are the product. With Play-To-Earn (P2E), it is like an order of magnitude deeper — install them and they essentially own your device. Most apps already require permission to access your contacts, storage (saved images), text messages, etc, but P2E can go into hyper-aggressive mode: One or more ads per minute, aggressive tactics to get you to install other apps (i.e., only way to decline, or go back is to terminate the app), etc. That being said, it is a growing field, and not all P2E apps work that way. Do your own research, before installing any apps.


Referrals / Affiliate / Rewards

Marketplaces Sell goods and services

Home Mining / Passive Activity Monetisation

Employment (Traditional/fiat earnings and Bitcoin payments)


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