Dollar Cost Averaging. The answer to the question “Is now a good time to buy Bitcoin?”

  • I don’t really have confidence in bitcoin. So if I were to buy bitcoin now, I don’t want my investment to go down in value later.“
  • I want to buy low, but the price today isn’t low. But if I wait for a better price, it might go up even higher and I will miss out.“

Dollar Cost Averaging


Bots / Automation Tools

  • Autocoin ← DIY DCA on BitSTAMP
  • CoinDCA ← DCA on your Coinbase Pro account using this web-based agent
  • GDax Bot ←DIY DCA on Coinbase Pro using this web-based agent
  • DeltaBadger ← DCA on your Kraken, Bitbay or Binance account using this web-based agent

Automation using Banking Network


Caution and Disclaimer




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