Freelancing platforms which pay in Bitcoin

Freelancing platforms which pay in Bitcoin, and other ways to earn bitcoin.

[Last updated 12 January, 2021.]

Traditional Freelancing platforms get paid in Bitcoin using Bitwage

All the above methods can use Bitwage and get paid in Bitcoin. This works because BitWage provides each freelancer a U.S. bank account for use in direct deposit of earnings. This will be very useful to anyone who is outside the U.S.

Freelancer payments

Employment (Traditional/fiat earnings and Bitcoin payments)

Microtasks What is a microtask?

Content Creation / Publishing

Crowdfunding / Tipping

Gaming (earn by playing)


Referrals / Affiliate / Rewards

Desktop Mining

Marketplaces Sell goods and services


Paid-In-Bitcoin (Wages-to-Bitcoin / payroll)

Getting Paid In Bitcoin (Wages-to-Bitcoin / Bitcoin Payroll)

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