Since late-2020, the level of Bitcoin transaction activity is such that it exceeds the supply of space in new blocks on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Transactions compete to be included in the next block solved by a miner based on the amount of the Bitcoin network transaction fee that the transaction offers to pay. Transactions whose transaction fee offer isn’t competitive enough will sit in the mempool, waiting for miners to clear out the transactions that had paid a higher fee.

Being able to bump the transaction fee on a transaction is useful to help rescue a time-sensitive transaction, or as…

Because nobody knows the future price there is nobody who can, with confidence, provide an honest answer to that question.

In the short term, Bitcoin goes up. Bitcoin goes down. It can be a very volatile investment. In the longer term (e.g., any five year period), bitcoin has only gone up in price. If a person’s investment time frame is five years or more, then perhaps the answer to the above question is: .

But the person asking that question probably isn’t really asking if now is truly a good…

[Updated: 9 Mar, 2021]

Caution: Some altcoin exchanges include a cryptocurrency with the symbol “LBTC” for “Lightning Bitcoin”. This is NOT the same as bitcoin on Lightning network . That currency symbol is for a small value altcoin that has no relation to the bitcoin Lightning network . There is another currency symbol that may be similar, L-BTC, and that too is unrelated to bitcoin on Lightning network . The L-BTC symbol is used by exchanges which support bitcoin on Blockstream’s Liquid Network.

Exchanges where you can buy and/or sell bitcoin using Lightning network :

You would end up with bitcoin if you were to :

Freelancing platforms which pay in Bitcoin, and other ways to earn bitcoin.

Traditional Freelancing platforms get paid in Bitcoin using Bitwage

All these methods can use Bitwage and get paid in Bitcoin. This works because BitWage provides each freelancer a U.S. bank account for use in direct deposit of earnings. …

Following is a fairly comprehensive list of the various Bitcoin news media (English) websites. They are ranked roughly from more widely visited and credible on down. Some sites are spammy in that they mostly regurgitate news from other sources, but occasionally have decent content of their own, so they are listed regardless. Some blogs and newsletters are not included while others are.

There are a number of person-to-person (P2P) over-the-counter (OTC) exchanges where Bitcoins can be bought and/or sold — with cash (💵), or online using a bank account or other payment method.

There are a number of firms that now provide over-the-counter (OTC) exchange or liquidity services in Bitcoin and other digital assets for their customers.

This is simply a list of links. Last update was on 3 February, 2021. Feedback welcome. As always, do YOUR OWN due diligence.

OTC Desks / Brokers / Block Liquidity Providers

Update 4: April 25, 2019 — Game (still) over for Tether. NY Attorney General (NYAG) suing iFinex (Bitfinex and Tether parent) to unearth records regarding “ongoing fraud being carried out by Bitfinex and Tether”. Follow independent journalist Amy Castor’s Tether Timeline for the latest.

Here are some links related to Tether to help bring you up to speed on the history of and recent developments related to Tether.

One might ask, “If I don’t hold or use Tether, how might this affect me?”

Let’s say you have funds on a U.S. exchange that supports Tether (e.g., Kraken) and one day…

[Update: And now, the Federal Reserve, is considering introducing a digital currency. Update2: And in 2018, about a half dozen other nations (e.g., Venezuela, Iran, Turkey, etc.) making plans to do so as well.]

Once again, there is a report of yet another nation announcing plans to issue their central bank currency in digital form. This time, reportedly, it is Russia with their planned government-backed digital currency (a “fedcoin”) that is being referred to as the CryptoRuble. However, no timeline was shared and more than one year has passed since there were earlier reports of such a development being planned…



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